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Create, Sing, Play and Learn

Modern Dancer


Welcome to the world of early childhood and the arts, a world, which I as a dance teacher explore and develop. My philosophy is to learn through movement, education, and to develop the children's creativity and thought processes by encouraging them to use their bodies. The excitement and enthusiasm as children create, dance, sing, play and learn is contagious and rewarding.


Creative Movement

Dance created by students. It involves growth, satisfaction, self-expression and cognitive learning.


My structural dances are developmentally appropriate for early childhood. I enhance motor learning through repetition and practice of dance movements.


Because at the end of every movement dance class, the children have been mentally physically encouraged. I include relaxation techniques to help create a relaxing and calming effect.


Movement based activities – balancing, sliding, jumping, scarf and ribbon dancing which will assist in the development of co-ordination, confidence and self esteem.


The aim here is to expose the children to many different types of music to broaden their knowledge. This develops the fundamental music concepts of beat, dynamics, pitch, rhythm, tempo and duration.

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